Multi-mission Mine Resistant Ambush Protected 4×4 wheeled platform

COMBATMATE, is an armoured monocoque hull vehicle based on Bruisertech’s Bruiser 112. The Multi-Mission Mine Resistant Ambush Protected 4×4 wheeled platform features STANAG Level 1 (optional Level 2) ballistic protection, STANAG Level 3(a) and 3(b) landmine and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) protection, and STANAG Level 2 armored glass protection. The vehicle is capable of withstanding a side blast charge protection of 50 kg TNT equivalent at 5 m from the side of the vehicle. The vehicle is designed to execute long field or border patrols for up to a distance of 2000 km without refueling. The engine can run on Diesel or JP8 fuel alternative. The engine power and torque capacity enable the COMBATMATE vehicle to pull a vehicle of similar weight. COMBATMATE vehicle have excellent on-road and off-road mobility. Thanks to the overall size of the vehicle, it can drive on public roads and smaller city streets.


Remote controlled weapon station 12,7 mm Light and compact, the ZMU-03 is operable from inside the vehicle by the gunner. The digitally controlled electric drive allows for both the precise guidance and high-speed gun movement. The guidance can be carried out by the operator using a joystick or automatically from the external FCS.

PERAD 6010

Digital personal radio Small, rugged radio characterized by a low power spectral density of the communication signal, frequency hopping and built-in encryption algorithms providing an effective barrier to prevent unauthorized signal detection and capture. Technology allows for unprecedented quality of the voice transmission and long operating time.

COMP@N Mobile SDR radio

COMP@N radio provides a comprehensive security in the range of TRANSEC, NETSEC and COMSEC mechanisms based on AES-256 algorithms and additional usage of SCIP technology (STANAG 5068). Mobile adapter is a device which enables the use of COMP@N handheld radio in vehicles.

WARMATE TL Loitering munition system

WARMATE TL loitering munition system is a vehicular, canister-launching system is a combat UAV that provides a highly targeted strike capability with either an antipersonal or anti-tank warhead. The system enables a rapid deployment and the start of the mission immediately after launch.

FONET Digital Communication

Platform FONET is a backbone that creates a unified voice and data exchange base between military vehicles on the multi-domain battlefield. FONET is a radio agnostic solution, ensuring a full integration with any radios available on the market.


TOPAZ Integrated Combat Management System

TOPAZ Integrated Combat Management System is a fully integrated solution enhancing situational awareness, providing support in strategy, mission planning & preparation. The TOPAZ-ICMS solution facilitates an adaptive workflow drawing upon the core elements in battle: overwatch / observation, management / logistics and strike.

Bruisertech is an international company based in South Africa which aims to serve the African markets. Their armoured personnel carriers (APCs) are practical for their surroundings and designed to be rugged and strong. Bruisertech provides a range of defence solutions that can be customised to individual customer needs and maintained easily in any environment. Built to combine all the important characteristics required by defence operations. Bruisertech’s mission is to provide simple and cost-effective solutions. The products focus on peacekeeping and humanitarian operations ensuring optimal efficiency and sustainability.

Poland’s private defence contractor. The Company designs and manufactures state-of-the-art systems which integrate communication, unmanned aerial systems, loitering munitions and fire control subsystems into robust and agile integrated solutions that deliver enhanced capabilities to vehicle and weapon systems platforms, as well as dismounted warfighters. WB GROUP innovates and develops cutting-edge technological solutions needed to address the problems faced by modern conflict. Its philosophy is best expressed by its products, which include globally unique solutions deployed in the most demanding environments.