WB Group

WB Group is the largest private group carrying out national defence tasks. The Group is comprised of five companies – WB Electronics S.A., Arex Sp. z o.o., Flytronic Sp. z o.o., MindMade Sp. z o.o. and Radmor S.A. WB Group offers revolutionary products in the field of special electronics – communication systems, fire control systems and unmanned aircraft systems. 

WB Electronics S.A. is a leading system  integrator and supplier of specialized electronics and communications equipment for Command & Control applications in Land and Special Forces. The company main areas of activity are software development, systems design, integration, manufacturing of computers, terminals, communication systems and service of the deployed systems and equipment.

MindMade Sp. z o.o. is a technological engineering centre  gathering prominent experts in the field of special communications, cellular technologies, cryptography and specialized electronic solutions.

Flytronic Sp. z o.o. is a Research and Development Center that conducts research in the field of surveillance and reconnaissance systems based on UAVs. 

Radmor S.A. is the largest manufacturer of mobile VHF/UHF radio communication equipment in Poland. The company offers handheld, mobile and stationary radiotelephones; radio modems and data transmission modules; military radio communication systems including handheld, manpack and vehicle radios.